Sunday, May 3, 2009

abby's birthday party

went to fetch up wan theng around 1something
my mum drove us went to GOLDEN VIEW APARTMENT to meet up abby, shan shan and debil
we all like went crazy ,jumping ,running,screaming around in the room
while waiting for abby's mum prepare the dishes for steamboat,
we just chit chatting and online to fool hsienyang, andy and rickson
around 5 we started to prepare ourselves
at the same time , sok hwa , agnes, xinli,tmag,ziwei,peigee ,fook lim and kcyang were coming
done everything before the party started
the steamboat party started at 6.30pm
We watched Mr.bean while enjoyed our food .(*laughoutloud)
After we finished our foods,we were playing some card games (Chor Dai Dee) .
Hahahahah! we really do have fun on this games!rolf!

After that,there was the cake cutting session!
Abby was looking gorgeous on HER day!=)

singing the birthday songs~!

making wishes~

Abby , her sis and her mum=)

that nicholas keep saying nonsense to make us laugh.=.=

This guy keep saying that he has camera shy ?Do you guys believe that ? definitely not rite?ROFL!

the group photo before the party end
Abby, me, Shanshan , Debil, Sok hwa, Xinli,Tmag, Peigee, Ziwei ,Andy, Nicholas, Kcyang and Fooklim
They all went home before 12..*all of them are Cinderellas.xD

after they back,Ultraman fetch abby,sok hwa ,debil and me went to UPR as we planned
went there to meet up Rickson,tiger them
unluckily , happened some incident and abby went back to apartment
As she lazy to come out to meet us again, so leave us there
sok hwa and khai sing.
They went back earlier .So bad

me and debil
met some friends there and somethings bad happened by the way .(*Ew~!)
We went back at 3 somethings and went out to Subaidah for some supper again
back to apartment at 4am
and Aik win and his cousin ,Sunny came our room at 5am!
they came played pokers, told some ghost story to us who were in sleeping mood
They went off around 8am as aik win want go for his "jogging"
packed our things and back at 10am
damn tired!
I didn't even sleep for one hour!!!
Wish you dreams comes true .*with a big hug!

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