Monday, April 20, 2009


i've met two accident,2 cut and 5 stitches just in 32 days!
Is it sounds ridiculous?! I think so.==

The 1st accident was i accidentally cut my palm with those stupid glass! The cut on my palm needed 3 stitches! The pain was killing me ! This time it happened once again!(*arghh) I always heard that someone accident , and I just blow it off because I know that it will never happen to me.
But say lah ,how unlucky am I?:(

The second accident was happened on this Monday morning
When im on the way going to school,I met an accident at perak road,the road which in front of the fire station(*know where?)
fuckng si auntie suddenly drove out from my left!
As I cant stop immediately,I hit her!
Luckily that time i drove quite slow .
If not , you guys wont see me anymore !No joking okay?=[
Although i drove quite slowly(it is below 40 if i'm not mistaken) ,
but the impulsive force was strong enough to throw me out! I hit the road .
After a few second my forehead keep bleeding and i can felt that my chest very pain.
I'm so scared and i cried out loud.[so embarrassing!*blushes*] LOL.
Who else will care about this at that situation rite?.=.=
Those passerby hold me to the road side and rest.
They kept asking that who hit who?whose fault?
The fucking auntie answered,:"Nowadays eh student always sleep until not enough time to school already then drive che kong che kong !
PLEASE LA !Eh! Is who drove till che kong har?
I replied ,:"Eh , auntie , my school just nearby my house only k? I drive below20 I also won't be late to school okay?not my fault ,on that road ,you should let me go 1st ! "
She just kept quite.
As opposite the fire station is a clinic ,
Those passerby asked that auntie fetched me there while waiting my mum to come.
Tell you guys!
i just
realise that why our country so many people dead.This is an emergency department and suppose the doctor must 24hours standby there for some emergency case
but there is no doctors there!
The nurse said that all doctors usually come at 8 or 9am.
HAHAHA! I'm wonder that if there a patient injured seriously ,then how ar?
That why la:]
After awhile ,my mum came and brought me go hospital to see doctor.
The doctor gave me four injection before stitches my wound .
The doctor kept joking with me while help me stitches my wound.(*laughmyassoff)
As the result , there are 2 stitches on my forehead:[
The doctor said that those stitches need to take off after one week and my right hand muscle was hurt, it need two weeks to recover .

p/s: thanks to those who care about me so much ,appreciate a lots!:]

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